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Vehicles with single diaphragm brake boosters put out 900-1,100 lbs of pressure. For these vehicles we offer a duel diaphragm brake upgrade to increase the pressure to 1,600 lbs of pressure.

The vacuum boosters we sell are 9" duel diaphragm brake boosters and 1 1/8 master cylinders. They're a bolt on kit and come with everything you need if you already have power brakes. If you are converting from manual brakes you will need to purchase some power brake vacuum line.

It's a simple job of removing your master cylinder or power brake booster and master cylinder and bolting on our kit. There are no modifications necessary. Most jobs just take a couple hours to do and your back on the road with 50% more power to your braking system.

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Two-wheel disc valve kits Universal disc valve kits.
Two-wheel disc valve kits
Our Price: $139.00
Universal disc valve kits.
Our Price: $139.00
comes with mounting bracket and lines to the master cylinder comes with mounting bracket and lines