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The Vanco Universal Remote System© puts out almost three times the braking pressure of normal vacuum assist units. Our system is recommended for extreme braking & vehicles with no room on the firewall. The Remote System© works with 2 wheel & 4 wheel disc & works off your beefed up power steering pump. This is a complete Kit, Hydroboost, Master cylinder, and Hoses. Our system is 4.5" in diameter. The Remote System also mounts anywhere on your vehicle and is 21" overall length.

If your specific car isn't listed, call us for availability and pricing at 323-563-1588

These are hydraulic units that work off your power steering pump. It's like using a hydraulic ram to operate your master cylinder. The idea is very simple. They put out enough pressure and volume to make any current brake system stop the vehicle you're driving.

Vacuum boosters put out between 1,000-1,600 lbs of pressure to your brake system. The hydroboost puts out between 2,400-3000 lbs of pressure to your brake system. This is basically giving you the power to stop the vehicle. It's the actual clamping pressure your calipers or wheel cylinders have to clinch onto the rotor/drum.

Hydroboosts have a shaft in them that directly operates the master cylinder. So when you are applying the hydroboost you only move the brake pedal 1/16 of an inch before you're applying the master cylinder. We also incorporate a much bigger master cylinder then a stock master on most vehicles. The combination of these two things severely shortens the stroke it takes to make the vehicle stop. The entire full stroke of a hydroboost is only 2.5 inches. You actually come to a full stop in your vehicle within 1 inch of brake stroke. If the booster should fail you get one power brake application. After that it reverts to true manual brakes. Since the shaft directly operates the master cylinder a failed hydroboost is twice as easy to stop then a failed vacuum booster. It will be a hard pedal, but foot pressure will work.

Even though they put out all this pressure they are not sensitive. The pedal feel will be firm, with the more pressure you apply the greater braking force you get. It is something you want to get used too. If you've never driven a vehicle with a Hydroboost, it gives you braking pressure you've never had before. We recommend driving the vehicle with this upgrade a week or so before extreme use to get used to the performance it gives.

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Vanco Universal Remote System
Vanco Universal Remote System
Our Price: $1,445.00
Vanco's Universal Remote System is perfect for any vehicle with no room on the firewall. Our System mounts anywhere on your vehicle with 21" overall length. Can also be set up for off road vehicles with hydraulic ram assist or full hydraulic steering. A MUST HAVE for all custom built buggies!