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Brake Line Installation

The brake line that goes to the front wheels should be connected to the port of the large reservoir.
The brake line that goes to the rear wheels should be connected to the port of the smaller reservoir.

The larger of the two reservoirs on master cylinders are designed to serve higher capacity front disc calipers. The large reservoir on a Jeep® master cylinder is positioned opposite of your new GM® master cylinder. You should reposition the lines - front to back - as your new master cylinder's large reservoir is now forward.

In most cases, the smaller line with the small fitting is the front brake line
and the larger line with the larger fitting is the rear brake line.

If you find your thread sizes to be different, you can buy adapters from any auto parts store
that carries a decent inventory of lines and fittings.

Brake Line Bleeding
1. Get a helper to jump in the Jeep and work the petal.
2. Back off the brake lines one turn (both of them).
3. Have your helper push the brake pedal to the floor.
4. Tighten both brake lines and have the helper release the brake.
Repeat 2-4 until the fluid streams out of both ports without "sputtering".