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Installing The Hoses

-Engine Side-

Booster Inlet
(18 mm Fitting)
To: PS Pump
(high pressure fitting)

Booster Hose Port I.D.
(Viewed from top of Booster )
-Fender Side-

Top Port - Booster Outlet (16 mm Fitting)
To: PS Gearbox Inlet (forward fitting)

Bottom Hose Nipple - Booster Return (clamped hose)
To : "T" Connection of Return Lines

Hose I.D.

Top Hose:
Left Fitting - to PS Pump
Right Fitting - to Booster Inlet (large port, engine side)

Bottom Hose:
Left Fitting - to Booster Outlet (small (port, fender side)
Right Fitting - to PS Gearbox Inlet (foreword fitting)

Hose Installation

Hose Fittings
Lubricate the "O" rings for the high pressure fittings with power steering fluid before installation.
The high pressure fitting torques are not to exceed 20 Ft. Lbs.
Over tightening may result in failure of the "O" ring seals.

Tip: A good rule of thumb - tighten approx. 1/4 turn after you feel the "O" ring seat.
The fittings are designed to allow the line to swivel slightly even after torquing.

Suggested Order of Hose Installation -
1. Booster Inlet to Power Steering Pump
2. Booster Outlet to Gear Box
Tip: Use some cord or wire to support these two hoses from the master cylinder during install
to prevent rotation and "O" ring damage.
3. Return Lines - starting with the Power Steering Pump (short hose).

Booster Connections

Top Left - Booster Outlet - Small High Pressure Fitting:
- goes to PS Gear Box Inlet (forward fitting)

Top Right - Return Hose:
- goes to Return Line "T" Connector

Bottom Foreground - Booster Inlet - Large High Pressure Fitting:
- goes to PS Pump's High Pressure Fitting.

Power Steering Pump Connections

Top Left - Return Line Nipple - Pump Return:
- goes to "T" for Return Lines
Tip: Install this end of the three return lines first.

Bottom Right - Large High Pressure Fitting - Pump Outlet:
- goes to Booster Inlet (large fitting- engine side)



Power Steering Gear Box Connections

Rearward (bottom right) Fitting - Remaining stock tubing cut to receive hose to "T' connection.
Note the new hose clamp over the cut OEM return line tubing (upper right).

Foreword (top left) Fitting- This new line bends around the frame's corner (foreground)
- goes to Booster Outlet (smaller, high pressure fitting) - Fender side