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(4) Installing The Hoses

Mounting the Booster

This should be a 2-person job to be safe.


You want one person holding the booster against the firewall and have the second person put the push rod on the clevis pin.

The first person holding the booster should keep pressure off of the push rod shaft.
Have one person put the bolts through and the second man tighten them down.

nstall the clevis pin's washer and retaining pin after the booster is mounted.

Note: The larger, forward reservoir with the smaller fitting. This is the reservoir for the front wheels.

Make sure there is a little slack in the petal arm assembly. The rod/piston should not be depressed at all after mounting.
The brake petal arm should have a little up and down "jiggle". You should be able to raise your petal slightly. When you do this, look at the booster's piston - it should not move outward with the brake arm.

Warning: Failure to allow slack in the petal assembly will result in constant brake engagement and damage to your brake system.

Additional spacing schemes are available.