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(3) Mounting the Booster
Assembly of the New System

A. Bench Bleeding New Master Cylinder

1. Remove the new master cylinder from the Hydroboost.

2. Clamp the master cylinder in a vice and fill both reservoirs ¾ full with DOT 3 brake fluid and remove outlet hole plugs.

3. Use a wood dowel, blunt drift pin, or something similar, to push the piston ¾ of the way in, plug both outlet holes with your fingers, and then release the piston.

(I know, how are you supposed to know how far ¾ is without depressing it all the way?)

4. Repeat Step 3 until fluid streams steadily out of both outlet holes with no air or sputtering.

5. Put the plugs back in the master cylinder outlet holes.

6. Remount the master cylinder to the Hydroboost.