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With Vanco Kits, you do not need clean underwear

Ray Edward Vanderlip started rebuilding power brake units in 1956. In 1965 he opened his own business with a partner rebuilding Power brake boosters and master cylinders for autos and heavy duty trucks. Ray did the light trucks and cars, his partner built units for the 18-wheelers. In 1968 Carter Precision offered Ray a buyout on his company and the opportunity to run their power brake division, he accepted. He took their power brake division from 0 profit to their most profitable division. In 1983 Ray decided to take the future and put it in his own hands, he left Carter to get started on his own business. It was his plan to create a company that would succeed him through his children. Using his reputation only he promptly got a loan to start his own business. In July 1984 Vanco Power Brake Supply was born. His children joined them in this venture and are still running the business today.

We started building loaded vacuum power brake boosters (boosters with master cylinders attached) to warehouses. In a couple years we added hydraulic power brake boosters to our line. To expand with the time we offered our boosters with and without master cylinders (loaded and unloaded). In the late 80s we started building proportioning valves and metering valves to the great relief of our customers because they where becoming impossible to find. During this time we became known as the old car specialists, rebuilding any vehicle's booster from the 1930s on.

To this day people call and are amazed we can handle vehicles as old as the 30s. The background created by Ray with him teaching his children everything he knew made Vanco the place to go to get your older vehicles fixed. It has created quite the niche for us. We became well known for solving any brake problems. Be it walking someone through some standard brake issues to creating whole new brake systems for vehicles. The kits started out as just adding power brakes to vehicles that didn't come equipped with them. Later we started building kits that put out more power the original to help vehicles that where beefed up to stop safely.

In the early 90s we created a Hydraulic braking system that would put out 3 times the power of a vacuum booster to stop extreme vehicles, such as racing vehicles and Off-road vehicles. We get calls daily thanking us for our systems and we pride ourselves on making vehicles safer. Cindy Vanderlip is now running Vanco Power Brake Supply with the owner being Cathy Vanderlip (Ray's wife). We have many plans for the future and are proud to keep Ray's dream alive. Thanks for reading and please feel free to call any of us for any of your braking needs.

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