Vanco Universal Remote System 15" Big Brake Kit w/ BMB Pads for 15" Rims - New Knuckle 16" Big Brake Kit w/ BMB Pads for 16" Rims - New Knuckle
Vanco Universal Remote System
Our Price: $1,350.00
Vanco's Universal Remote System is perfect for any vehicle with no room on the firewall. Our System mounts anywhere on your vehicle with 21" overall length. Can also be set up for off road vehicles with hydraulic ram assist or full hydraulic steering. A MUST HAVE for all custom built buggies!
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What are Vanco Power Brakes?

The Best Performance Upgrade Available For Your Brakes

Ideal For:

Hydroboosts: For your extreme braking needs. This is a hydraulic operated booster and master cylinder, that replaces your stock power booster and master cylinder, recommended for your built up vehicles that need extreme braking improvements. This system will greatly decrease pedal pressure, and increase your braking power 200-300%.